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Buying Chia Coin

There are a few different options to buy Chia Coin (XCH). All are viable options and some may work easier for different users. Buying cryptocurrency takes some knowledge and we always recommend doing your own research when it comes to purchasing or trading cryptocurrency, we are not financial advisers.

You can buy XCH at Coinex.


Coinex is a modern type cryptocurrency exchange. It is easy to use and relatively popular.

Next you can acquire XCH coin over at Dexi Space.


Dexi Space is a nice and trustworthy market used for trading coins like XCH.

You may want to purchase XCH according to Chia's directions using Stably.

The purchasing process is explained well and backed up by Stably coin.

All of the above methods will involve some form of KYC (know your customer)

What Is KYC Verification?

The Know Your Client or Know Your Customer (KYC) verification are a set of standards and requirements used in the investment and financial services industries to ensure they have sufficient information about their clients, their risk profiles, and financial position.

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Setting up a Stably account

You can buy Chia Coin easily by following the link below and following the instruction from

1. Set up a stably account.

2. Purchase Stably (USDS)

3. Transfer your stably coins to the wallet you created earlier.

4. Swap Stably coin into Chia coin via one of the following places using offer files.

A video by our good friends at Digital Spaceport to help show you an example of buying Chia

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