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Create your own MonkeyZoo

Can I create NFTs of my own bespoke MonkeyZoo images?

If you have designed and created a new masterpiece MonkeyZoo character or attribute that follows the licensing agreement by...

  • Using a genuine MonkeyZoo base layer.

  • Sticking to the original pixel and image sizes.

  • Being unique.

  • Keeping with the overall feel of MonkeyZoo.

...then the answer is yes.


Infinite creation

This gives our community the flexibility to be creative and design MonkeyZoo characters and attributes for your own personal and commercial uses, remember we aim to use these characters and attributes in future metaverses so design with that in mind.

It gives opportunities for others to use your new designs while you as the designer earn $XCH.

We will begin by offering some of the Chia community a chance to design a new object or attribute that be used in the FusionZoo.


Important information

Only MonkeyZoo can add MonkeyZoo artwork to the blockchain that complies with our DID.

Final decisions on which designs make the minting process are made by MonkeyZoo.

Download a plain base layer monkey to start designing today

Plain With Trans.png
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