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Step by step guide to buying chia

Monkeyzoo are not financial advisors, this guide is for assistance only and we hold no responsibility.

You can follow this easy to follow video made by one of our good friends Digital Spaceport

Or you can follow this rather long winded but simple step by step guide

First you will need a coinbase account, we will not go into detail with how to do this but have supplied you with a youtube video that explains the process well. Google is your friend.

When you have a coinbase account you can follow this guide bellow which will show you how to purchase some Stellar Lumens (XLM) on Coinbase, then transfer those coins to CoinEx, you will swap those (XLM) coins for Chia (XCH) and send them to your Chia Gui wallet ready to buy Chia NFT's.

Step 1

Head over to and sign up for a CoinEx account.

Step 3

From the drop down bar select XLM stellar lumens.

Step 5

Click on confirm.

Step 7

Head back over to COINBASE and click on trade.

Step 9

Buy the amount of XLM that equates to the amount of Chia you would like to purchase.

Step 11

You will need to add in the wallet address and Tag/Memo from your CoinEx wallet. 

Step 13

Once you have copied your CoinEx wallet address and tag/Memo into the fields, either click on send all or type in the required amount you wish to send to CoinEx.

Step 15

Confirm the details are correct and click send now.

Step 17

You will then see confirmation that the transaction is happening.

Step 19

Once your XLM has arrived you need to swap the XLM for XCH (Chia) by clicking on the swap tab.

Step 21

Now click on the max button.

Step 23

Click on confirm.

Step 25

If you need to bind your mobile number then click on bind mobile. If not skip to Step 29.

Step 27

Pick your country code, enter your mobile number (without the zero on the front) and click send code. Enter the code sent to you via text message and click next.

Step 29

Now open your Chia Gui (guide on how to download here) click on tokens then recieve to find your personal XCH wallet address. Copy this address and head back to CoinEx.

Step 31

You will be sent a verification code to your mobile, enter that here.

Step 33

In your email click on Reconfirm.

Step 35

Once the Status turns to sent your Chia will be on its way to your personal wallet in the Chia Gui.

Step 2

When you have your CoinEx account, click on the assets tab and select deposit.

Step 4

Click got it.

Step 6

This will then create you an address and tag to send XLM to.

Step 8

Find XLM and click on buy.

Step 10

After a small wait you will then have your XLM in your XLM wallet. Head back to trade and XLM then click on wallet.

Step 12

Back to COINEX you need to copy and paste the Address and Tag/Memo into the COINBASE wallet you are sending XLM from.

Step 14

You can click on continue.

Step 16

If you have set up 2FA then complete this now.

Step 18

You can then go back to CoinEx and see your XLM has arrived. This may take a few minutes.

Step 20

On the swap tab change the from dropdown to XLM and the to dropdown to XCH.

Step 22

Now you can click on swap.

Step 24

Head back to your assets and withdraw tab, you may need to bind your mobile number to your account at this stage.

Step 26

Click on send code and input the code sent to your email address.

Step 28

Success, you have now bound your mobile number to your CoinEx account.

Step 30

Paste your personal XCH address into the withdraw address box and click withdraw.

Step 32

You will then see this screen which is waiting for you to confirm that it's definitely you asking for this transfer by sending you an email.

Step 34

The withdrawal will now be processing.

Step 36

Success, you now have Chia in your personal wallet ready to purchase those MonkeyZoo NFTs.

This may seem like a long process, but with a bit of practice and understanding it becomes much quicker and easier. In the future there will be easier ways to purchase Chia, but for now as it is a relatively new Crypto currency it's a bit more difficult.

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