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The Airdrop entry has finished, we have sent out all of the below posts addresses 50 $MZ.

If you have not added it yet the tail for this token is b8edcc6a7cf3738a3806fdbadb1bbcfc2540ec37f6732ab3a6a4bbcd2dbec105

If you want to learn more about the Monkeyzoo token and what it will eventually be used for then take a look at out Monkeyzoo token page

Also if you are not a member of out Discord then jump in for more airdrops and giveaways.

Final piece of information. The minting of our NFT1 Special edition collection will begin later today and will take a few days to complete, if you were early enough to be included in our giveaway you should see them hitting your wallets soon 🙉

And remember to have fun with your tokens, lots of good offers over on Dexie currently for $MZ

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