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How to create a Chia wallet

Install the download for your PC's operating system

Go to

Follow the visual instructions below

step one of of creating a chia wallet

Download the version for your OS

Step four of wallet creation

Select wallet mode

Chia 6.JPG

Select create a new private key


Write down the words in order and keep them safe, these are your keys to getting back in.

Confirm you have written them down and enter the wallet.


Success! You now have a Chia wallet.


Your wallet explained

Your wallet address

This is where you will enter an address that enables you to 

send Chia to another wallet

Your wallet address

This is where you will find the address that enables you to receive Chia to your wallet

Opens the wallet tab to check on balances and is the place where you send and receive Chia.

CAT tokens are listed under your Chia coin balance


Lets you see your NFTs and also where you can  find your wallet address.

Shows you if your wallet is up to date and in sync with the blockchain

Shows balances

Lets you create peer to peer offer files.

This is where you can manage your CAT Tokens

Shows transactions in and out

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