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How to create a Goby wallet

Go to 

to install the Goby app to the browser of your choice

Follow the visual instructions below

Click to select which browser you would like to apply the Goby app 

Click to add to your browser

Confirmation that Goby has been added to your browser

Click on Goby Icon on your browser extensions

(you may have to pin it to see it)

Click on Get started

Create a password

Click on Create a New Address

Copy these words down in order onto paper and DO NOT LOSE THEM, these words are your key to getting into your wallet in the future

Click on each one of your words in the order you were given them in

Success! You now have a chia browser wallet

Your wallet explained

Your wallet address

This is the address you add to receive Chia to your wallet


How you send Chia from this wallet

The send button lets you send Chia or a CAT token to someone else's address

This shows you the quantity of Chia or other CAT tokens you currently have in your wallet 


Shows the history of all transaction in and out of your wallet

Shows the NFTs you currently hold in this wallet.

This button is for adding in new CAT tokens to your wallet

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