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Monkeyzoo Dev services

The Monkeyzoo Dev service has been set up to assist new people coming into the Chia ecosystem.

We are aware that the Chia ecosystem is slightly different to what many people have interacted with on many other EVM blockchains and are here to advise and help you get your projects started on the worlds most advanced blockchain.

We have a small team of developers and artists that are here to help assist you through your development needs on the Chia Blockchain.

We have been involved with the Chia blockchain from the very beginning and are a very well trusted company operating in the Chia ecosystem you can trust our honesty and integrity with any services or advice we offer.


The following services are currently available.

Royalty splitting

We can set up your splitting coin that allows the royalties of a shared NFT project split the royalties of the project sales.

Create CAT tokens

If you have a great idea for a token, we can create this token and send it to you in either one lump or batches to make it easier to manage.

Conference speaking

Our experts are available to speak at your events and conferences about the Chia blockchain and decentralised NFT technology

Automated token distribution

We can set up and host your very own token distribution system like the one we utilise for $MZ distribution.

Convert metadata

Have a project with random metadata and want it to conform with the Chia NFT standard? We can convert this data for you.

Farming Chia assistance

Want to get yourself set up to farm Chia, we can offer our experience to help set you up with the best option to suits your needs.

Mint your collection

We can mint your collection no matter the size and send you the complete collection  with all offer files so that you are ready to go from day one.

General consultancy

Want to know more about Chia and the NFT ecosystem, we are happy to give our time to help explain.

Artistic work

We have various artists to assist you in creating the perfect artwork for your collection, from simple 2d to 3d architecture.

Costs vary from project to project, please fill out the form below and our code chimps will get back to you to discuss you enquiry

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