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MonkeyZoo Token $MZ

MonkeyZoo token is the native token associated with the MonkeyZoo project built on the Chia network, these tokens are gifted to NFT holders as a perk for holding our NFTs.

To add MonkeyZoo tokens to your Chia wallet add this CAT asset ID 


Monkeyzoo token image
Monkeyzoo Token image
Monkeyzoo Token image

How do I get $MZ?

MonkeyZoo token is gifted to anyone owning a character MonkeyZoo NFT. MonkeyZoo tokens will arrive daily in the owner's wallet.

Character NFTs:

The MonkeyZoo character NFTs vary in daily gifted amount.  This will depend on how rare the attributes are contained within the NFT. 


Below are the values attached to each attribute contained within the MonkeyZoo NFTs:

  • Common attributes gift = 1 $MZ per day

  • Uncommon attributes gift = 2 $MZ per day

  • Rare attributes gift = 3 $MZ per day

  • Super Rare attributes gift = 5 $MZ per day

  • Ultra Rare attributes gift = 10 $MZ per day

What can I do with my MonkeyZoo tokens?

Predominantly $MZ is used inside the Monkeyzoo ecosystem, it will soon be used to interact with the fusion and diffusion of characters.

Merchandise sellers may decide to offer MonkeyZoo token as a form of payment for their bespoke MonkeyZoo products.

You can also purchase MonkeyZoo NFTs with $MZ.

10% of all of our future NFTs will be available to purchase with MonkeyZoo token!

The Future

We aim to make MonkeyZoo tokens available to use in virtual worlds or metaverses and games to purchase in world items or services. 

Where can I trade my MonkeyZoo tokens?

You can trade your MonkeyZoo tokens for other CAT tokens, via the following Dexes/Exchanges

Monkeyzoo token image
Monkeyzoo Token image
Monkeyzoo Token image
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