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OG Crown

The still version of the OG crown comes in a pack with the animated version. Only available to purchase on the Monkeyzoo website and can only be purchased using fiat currency. The pack will be posted to the buyer’s house and comes with stickers, magnets, a cool postcard and the QR code to claim your OG crowns.

Only 100 created and only for the elite members of the Monkeyzoo community. The still version gifts an amazing 10 $MZ per day to the holder. Part of the OG Crown pack.

Release date 30th November 2023. Will be sold as part of a pack for £60.00 GBP via the Monkeyzoo website.

OG Crown

Initial Sale price

Quantity created

Gifted $MZ per day

OG Crown Sticker Pack £60

10 $MZ


Purchase via the links below
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