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What is a DID?

MonkeyZoo DID is did:chia:16ydm8lppl2k7ewdj6j4063frmzk55sehy97pm92etatpmhnzl7lslxvzg8

DID is a Decentralized IDentifier

The official DID has been released by Chia, the DID's are currently being finalised and will become a decentralized way of proving identity of someone or something, e.g Monkeyzoo.


This allows the owner to link this DID to other profiles such as social media accounts or websites and prove this connection.This way it is both transparent and proven that this DID actually belongs to a real person.

Our plans for our MonkeyZoo DID

We add our DID to our NFTs at the initial mint of each NFT, thus enabling them to be recognised as genuine MonkeyZoo NFTs. Only NFTs with the Monkeyzoo DID is the real deal.


This will also enable us to ensure any newly minted attributes designed by the community and minted by MonkeyZoo will hold this "stamp of approval" and enable everyone to see if the NFT is a genuine MonkeyZoo image.

How to create your own DID

The Monkeyzoo DID


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