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Updated 31-07-22

Monkeyzoo Project Whitepaper


Welcome to Monkeyzoo. Monkeyzoo is an original digital collection, each Monkeyzoo character contains 300 unique versions of the image minted on the Chia Blockchain using NFT technology.

Our goal is to go on a journey.....

  • Create digital assets of Monkeyzoo characters and attributes.

  • Create the ability for our digital assets to gift the holder Monkeyzoo Token.

  • Allowing the community to design and upgrade new or existing digital assets so as to become truly unique.

  • Convert and merge these digital assets into 3d Characters and attributes.

  • Step into various metaverses and games using the Monkeyzoo characters, attributes and use Monkeyzoo token to interact within those metaverses and games.

Monkeyzoo characters come with a full commercial licence* to use the Monkeyzoo brand and image as a franchise of Monkeyzoo Ltd. Display and sell your personal Monkeyzoo image to the world through the Monkeyzoo character that depicts you the most.

We also hope that Monkeyzoo also brings joy to everyone and resonates with their owners and people who see them.

* Excludes special edition collections that come with a personal use licence only.

Not just another JPEG NFT project.

On purchase of the Monkeyzoo characters you will also own the rights to the Monkeyzoo character and its associated traits.

You can then use the Monkeyzoo brand and character for your own for personal and commercial uses.* (see terms and conditions for more detail). You can set up your own store or business and sell Monkeyzoo branded products, literally anything you can dream up.

You will also earn Monkeyzoo tokens while you are the owner of a Monkeyzoo character NFT, just by holding the Monkeyzoo NFT you will gifted $MZ every day. * (see Monkeyzoo token page for more detail)

We want the Monkeyzoo universe to be affordable to all, this is why all Monkeyzoo characters come with a full use licence regardless of rarity.


Monkeyzoo will have tokens to trade on the Chia DEXes, purchase other digital assets and eventually the holders will earn and use Monkeyzoo token while interacting in virtual worlds or metaverses.

We have enabled the ability to be able to upgrade and transform your Monkeyzoo characters with additional attributes and also give the ability to be able to create your very own Monkeyzoo character. This enables an ever evolving ecosystem for Monkeyzoo to thrive and grow within the digital space and eventually metaverses.*

Build the back end to enable gaming and metaverse projects to interact with the Chia ecosystem.

* Excludes special edition collections that come with a personal use licence only and do not yield $MZ token.

Honesty from the project founder.

My name is Tim Youngman and I am the creator of Monkeyzoo.

My plans for the Monkeyzoo project have been in the making for many years, and to me this is not a way to make a "quick buck". 

I originally created the Monkeyzoo world for a social media project created back in 2008, where I trademarked Monkeyzoo and its copyright, unfortunately the project never got to see the light of day, ever since then I have waited patiently for the right platform to launch these Monkeys into the wild.

I believe that blockchain technology and the NFT technology will combine our gaming and metaverses characters and digital items into assets that you can keep, buy and sell throughout your lifetimes. 

When I first heard about the Chia network, I knew this was the right time and the right platform for the Monkeyzoo project. The Chia network is not only eco friendly, it's one of the most decentralized blockchains on the planet. To me this means longevity and it is clear the team behind this network knows what they are doing.

I shall finish by saying that this whitepaper and its contents are my honest opinions and my goals. I will do my very best to achieve all of this and much more.

Thanks for joining me on this journey into our futures.



Phase 1: Build the Community - Q4 2022​
  • Copyright and Trademark the Monkeyzoo Brand. 

  • Register Monkeyzoo as a Limited company in the United Kingdom. 

  • Build the website 

  • Establish community through social media (ongoing) 

  • Recruit Moderators 

  • Mint Monkeyzoo Token 

  • Create the Monkeyzoo licensing terms and conditions. 

  • NFT Whitelisting and giveaway. 

  • Initial Mint of NFT1 special edition Monkeyzoo NFT's (Without gifting feature) 

  • List on Chia NFT marketplaces. Auto populates 

  • NFT Public-sale for NFT1 special edition NFTs 

  • Build Monkeyzoo Token system for gifting $MZ. 

  • Establish $MZ gifting ratio and minting process. 

  • Test all smart coin functionality. 

  • Monkeyzoo digital asset holders to automatically receive gifted Monkeyzoo Token to their wallets. 

  • NFT public-sale for self gifting $MZ NFT's 

  • List Monkeyzoo Token on Chia DEXes 

More information...
Build the community

This is the most important phase and can determine success or failure of this project from the get go. For any project to succeed, it needs a strong and supportive community which shares the same vision of the project.

Free mint

We plan on minting the first special edition Monkeyzoo NFT's for free, the sale prices will vary depending on the overarching price of Chia $XCH

Pre and public sale

The Pre and Public sale of the Monkeyzoo NFT's will take place on Dexie.spaces, or similar Chia NFT Marketplaces in Q4 2022.

Establish community

We plan to have a presence on all social media platform by Q4 2022





Phase 2: Build the Utilities - Q2 2023 - 2025
  • Monkeyzoo Token 

  • Enable the bespoke white label digital asset marketplace on the Monkeyzoo website.

  • Create a "My Monkeyzoo" page that enables users to connect via there wallet to view, share and sell their Monkeyzoo assets.

  • Create the ability for designers to create and sell their own Monkeyzoo characters and attributes.

  • Launch the assets upgrading stage of the project (FusionZoo)

  • Drop merch like Hoodie, T-shirt, Pillows, Mugs etc. 

  • Enable Monkeyzoo holders to sell their own Merch via our store.

  • Involve and launch Monkeyzoo characters into basic proof of concept platform games.

  • Start the creation of 3D Monkeyzoo next Generation assets.

More information...
Build the utilities

Digital arts are just the abstraction UI layer on top of the intangible value of the project/community, such as early mover advantage like Crypto Punks.

Monkeyzoo focuses on providing the added value for our holders through additional utilities.

Monkeyzoo token

Monkeyzoo token $MZ will be the first utility to be introduced as the currency associated with the Monkeyzoo project. It can be used to transact within the Monkeyzoo community, tip a moderator or members for their good work. Swap for other Chia CAT tokens on decentralized exchanges and purchase other digital assets.

Sellers of Monkeyzoo merchandise may offer the ability to pay for products using $MZ.

In the future we aim to enable Monkeyzoo token holders to use their $MZ in virtual world and metaverses to purchase goods and services.

 Digital assets that gift $MZ

During 2022/2023 we will  be working on a solution so that each Monkeyzoo asset gifts the holder Monkeyzoo token. The rarer your Monkeyzoo asset the more gifted $MZ it will recieve.*

There will be 500 million $MZ minted and used to fund the gifting contract  for owning Monkeyzoo assets for an estimated 20 plus years from the assets first minting date. (see Token distribution page at for estimations)

Monkeyzoo token will never be sold by Monkeyzoo and is to only be gifted out via these special digital assets, we give the token no value outside of the Monkeyzoo ecosystem.

* Excludes special edition collections that come with a personal use licence only and do not yield $MZ token.

Licence and merch

When you purchase one of the Monkeyzoo assets you also purchase the licence to use the specific characters image and the associated attributes for personal and commercial uses.* This will be limited to the Monkeyzoo character that you own and will not give you the rights to all Monkeyzoo characters.

Included in your purchase is the licence to use the Monkeyzoo brand and associated  artwork. (see terms and conditions page at  for more information)

We aim to enable holders of Monkeyzoo assets easy access to tools enabling them to buy and sell their Monkeyzoo merch using Fiat money, Chia coin or the Monkeyzoo token. 

* Excludes special edition collections that come with a personal use licence only and do not yield $MZ token.


To interact with the Monkeyzoo community and enable unlimited Monkeyzoo modification we have the ability for users to design and sell Monkeyzoo attributes from our chosen marketplace.

This will give the user flexibility in their bespoke Monkeyzoo design and will also offer a way for users to sell their designs to other Monkeyzoo users. See the Get designing page at for more detail.

New Characters

We will offer a way to create and mint your very own Monkeyzoo base layer characters through our minting service, this will allow unlimited progression of the Monkeyzoo universe.

You will be able to combine characters and attributes to create a unique personal character for you.

It will also combine all of the original character and attributes rarity score and $MZ to form a new more valuable digital asset.

See our Get designing pages for more information on upgrading and new design.

My Monkeyzoo

We will create a "My Monkeyzoo" page where users can easily display, buy and sell their Monkeyzoo assets.

We plan to enable a link to the owned Monkeyzoo assets via a wallet connection like wallet connect.

Next generation Monkeyzoo 

We aim to have started the creation of next generation Monkeyzoo characters for the use in virtual worlds and metaverses. These will be the upgrades to your original Monkeyzoo digital assets.​

Phase 3: Enter the Metaverse - 2025​ onwards
  • Launch 3d Monkeyzoo

  • Work alongside Metaverse virtual worlds and gaming projects.

  • Build Mobile App wallet for Monkeyzoo Tokens and digital assets.

  • Build Mobile App social gaming features for Monkeyzoo.

  • Establish connections into various metaverses

  • List Monkeyzoo Token on 1 CEX (Market dependant)

More information...

Enter the Metaverse

Ultimately, we want to interact with virtual worlds, metaverses and games where Monkeyzoo owners can come to interact with each other and feel as real as possible instead of chatting on Discord. Members can enter an existing virtual world or metaverse together and transact using Monkeyzoo tokens to buy goods and services in the various metaverses of the future. We believe that the Characters and attributes you build and earn today should truly belong to to the owners and the addition of a data layer on the Chia blockchain will be a big step to allowing this to happen.

Our aim is to implement your Monkeyzoo NFT image into an avatar of the metaverse or games you are joining.

Phase three is very much dependent on the tech and interoperability of various metaverse creators, but as a project we believe that in years to come the NFT of today will become your image in the new world.

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