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 Upgrading your NFT


Keeping Attributes separate

You have a base layer Cheeky MonkeyZoo #106 and you have purchased a rare sword #A187 from the MonkeyZoo attributes section of the Marketplace.

As these are genuine MonkeyZoo NFTs you are able to combine these attributes using any of your own imaging software and make your own bespoke MonkeyZoo characters to use as you want within the MonkeyZoo licencing agreements.

You may decide that there is no need to permanently merge these images and attributes together on the blockchain and decide to keep them separate so that you can swap and change your NFT whenever you want.

No need to upgrade.

Remember attributes and characters will be used to interact in the metaverses of the future so keeping them seperate may make them more versatile.


Upgrading your NFT


If you decide that you would like this combination to stay together forever and combining the attributes will make the image either more valuable or more appealing to you then you could go through the process above and create your new unique MonkeyZoo NFT.

This would keep the original MonkeyZoo #number from the original MonkeyZoo character NFT and still hold the same licensing agreement.

The new base layer character you have created would still be Cheeky Monkey #106 but would now be your design image.

Your new NFT will also now be gifted the combined amount of $MZ from it's previous NFT character rarity and its previous attributes rarity.

Contact us directly on Discord to start your NFT combination.

Or via our contacts page.

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