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 The FusionZoo™️



With our brand new technology you will be able to fuse additional attributes into and onto your Monkeyzoo characters.

This way you can create bespoke characters and also combine those $MZ amounts into one single NFT.

The original NFT's do not get burnt but instead are stored within the newly created character using our revolutionary NFT fusion technology on the Chia blockchain. 

This enables composable characters that keep their provenance even after they have been upgraded or downgraded multiple times.


ETA for the FusionZoo™️ is Jan 2024

Contact us directly on Discord for more information

Or via our contacts page.


Here's the clever part, because of our new NFT fusion technology we can enable the diffusion of your Monkeyzoo characters.

You will be able to visit the FusionZoo™️ and release the old NFTs that you used to create your MonkeyZoo character, all without burning or URL manipulation, keeping all original provenance.

This gives you the option to swap out different attributes to either freshen up your character or sell on to find funds for your next purchase. 


FusionZoo pre Alpha sneak peek

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