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Token distribution

Token information

  • Total Supply = 500 million $MZ

  • Blockchain = Chia Blockchain

  • NFT gifting protocol = 490 Million $MZ

  • MonkeyZoo = 10 Million $MZ (Used for the development and promotion of MonkeyZoo)

$MZ Gift breakdown for NFTs

  • Common attributes gift = 1 $MZ per day

  • Uncommon attributes gift = 2 $MZ per day

  • Rare attributes gift = 3 $MZ per day

  • Super Rare attributes gift = 5 $MZ per day

  • Ultra Rare attributes gift = 10 $MZ per day


Total gifted pay-out (estimate*)

  • Daily = 30,000 $MZ

  • Yearly total = 10,950,000 $MZ

Total gifted breakdown (estimate*)

  • Yearly spend on total gifted tokens = 10,950,000 $MZ

  • 22 Years worth of gifted supply (Estimated*)

* Gifting is estimated due to the randomness and rarity score of the minting process and timeline of the NFT's selling.

It is also estimated as we will not have an accurate number of attribute NFT's at any given time.

Copy of Coin Final.png
Copy of Coin Final.png
Copy of Coin Final.png

MonkeyZoo holdings

MonkeyZoo hold 10 million $MZ to be used for promotional purposes and will only earn $MZ via our own original MonkeyZoo NFTs that are held by us. We will be gifted $MZ the same as you. 

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