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December 2022

Have a listen to the spaces we held during the month of December 2022.

December 2022

Todays space was a super short one, we were due to speak with the Ecoway team but Twitter spaces were not playing ball. So I had a quick 20 min talk about Monkeyzoo then cut it short to watch the World cup football :)

Todays space was a great conversation with a few different project creators including Steve Stepp who offered and gave away one of his brand new Astrobots NFTs live in the space! We also heard from Austin who gave us all some alpha on "The Neighbourhood" project which is tied into the Chia Friends NFT collection, we also revealed that Monkeyzoo has produced ten NFTs for their project. And as always some super interesting chat with @Acevail__ from Mintgarden.
@steppsr, @iamthehotfire, @ABraunsway, @everyday_turtle. @chunkdeluxe1

Great conversations with a few people new to Chia, we discussed DIDs and the power of offer files. We also talked about the first time an atomic swap has happened on Chia!
@acevail_ , @sarahndipitous, @PoorChiaFarmXCH, @thrillkicker, @_gerald, @ProofOfSynthNFT,@SlowestTimelord

Great conversation with Dusty chatting about carbon credits and getting an understanding of what they are and how they operate on the Chia blockchain.
@DustyA19, @Quirky_Giraffes, @acevail_

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