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Community Offers

For the first seven days of a character launch we give our community members the first chance to

purchase the NFT they want!

  Below you can download an offer file for our latest Monkeyzoo character.

Super Monkey!

We have created three tiers of offers for you to pick from depending on the rarity and $MZ gifting amounts of each digital character.

Tier one = Ranked 1 to 100

Tier two = Ranked 101 to 200

Tier three = Ranked 210 to 300

Tier four = Multi ranked $MZ offers

Simply click on the button below to receive your random offer.

 Will you take the offer or re-roll and hope to find something better before anyone else?



Top Tier 

Guarantee top 100 ranked offers.

Price per offer

2.8 $XCH

Sold Out-01-01.png




Price per offer

3000 $MZ

Sold Out-01-01.png



Middle Tier 

Offers ranked between 101and 200

Price per offer

2.4 $XCH

Sold Out-01-01.png



Final Tier 

Offers ranked between 201 and 300

Price per offer

2 $XCH

Sold Out-01-01.png

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After seven days the offers that remain will be released on marketplaces for general sale to the public.

At Monkeyzoo we always like to keep things fresh and try to give our loyal community what they want. 

The reason for choosing this method of offer distribution is to hopefully keep thing fair and limit bots taking all of the better ranked characters when the offers are sent to the marketplaces.

It is also to lets the community chose a price they are happy to pay. Remember even those lower tier characters can be ranked up when the FusionZoo™️ opens.

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