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Tangem Hardware Wallet

Tangem is the first manufacturer to offer hardware wallet support  for Chia $XCH.

Monkeyzoo has partnered with Tangem to bring you an exclusive10% off all purchases when you use the code


Members of our team have set up and used the Tangem wallet and can say without doubt it's the easiest hardware wallet we have ever set up.

Take a look at this short video on why we think Tangem is the future of hardware wallet technology.

Watch this short video showing just how easy this wallet is to set up.


Exclusive offers for the Monkeyzoo community

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2 pack only

£34.89 or $43.90

Using code Monkeyzoo

£31.40 or $39.51

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3 pack only

£44.43 or $55.90

Using code Monkeyzoo

£39.99 or $50.31

Find out more at


Use code Monkeyzoo for your 10% discount

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