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What is MonkeyZoo?

MonkeyZoo is a unique project built on the Chia blockchain

The MonkeyZoo project is creating the technology to enable digital assets to be easily transfer from game to game and metaverse to metaverse, each of our digital characters are being released one at a time as 300 uniquely numbered 2D avatars.

We use Chia's unique NFT technology and some of our own smart contracting to enable real assets ownership and the ability to upgrade and downgrade your characters as you would in any gaming environment.

These digital assets also hold the licences for you to use MonkeyZoo images and the  MonkeyZoo brand. 

The MonkeyZoo community will help shape the future of the MonkeyZoo project by designing and upgrading your MonkeyZoo characters.

You can upgrade your characters, design new attributes, Monkeys, and even sell these designs to others.

This all leads on to our ultimate goal of making your MonkeyZoo characters the future 3D avatars in your metaverse and gaming worlds.


Each MonkeyZoo character comes with a full personal and commercial licence agreement between the NFT holder and MonkeyZoo. The NFT also gives you the licence and rights to use the MonkeyZoo brand, associated images, MonkeyZoo characters and associated MonkeyZoo asset traits for public and commercial uses.* See Terms and conditions.

* Excludes special edition collections that come with a personal use licence only and do not gift $MZ token.

An infinite collection:

The community will be able to use their creativity to design new attributes and characters that can be added into the MonkeyZoo collection. See Get designing.

On occasions we will drop special one off special edition NFT collections to commemorate a specific event or time. These will not contain the ability to yield $MZ token but will still hold the public MonkeyZoo License.

Earn $XCH: 

Selling your design to the community will earn you $XCH. See Get designing.

MonkeyZoo token perks:

Our Character NFTs come with the perk of gifting you MonkeyZoo Token $MZ on a daily basis just by holding the MonkeyZoo NFT in your wallet. See MonkeyZoo token.


Design and sell your own MonkeyZoo merchandise with only your imagination stopping you.

See Merch.

Secure blockchain technology:

We use the Chia blockchain as this enables us to provide our MonkeyZoo NFTs on one of the most ecologically secure blockchains on the planet. See our Why Chia page for more information about why we use the Chia blockchain.

MonkeyZoo© is copyright protected and a Trademarked brand owned by MonkeyZoo Ltd that can be licenced for use by NFT holders.

An introduction into Monkeyzoo from our presentation at XCH London 2023.

Links to useful information

Big shout out to @Hashlipsnft for being so innovative and selfless in this wonderful Web 3 experience, who's amazing art engine is used to create the Monkeyzoo art work. 

Check out the Hashlips YouTube channel here

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