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The rules

Selling Monkeyzoo Merchandise

As a holder of a Monkeyzoo character you have the Licence and rights to sell Monkeyzoo branded products.

We want you to get creative and give you as much free rein as possible so we only have a few rules.

What you can do

  • You may use the Original Monkeyzoo Character artwork and associated traits of the Character NFT that you own on your products and print work. (I.e If you own Cheeky Monkey you can only use Cheeky Monkey and not Super Monkey. You may own more than one Character though)

  • You may use the Monkeyzoo character, traits and Monkeyzoo branding for personal and commercial Use.

  • You may display and use your NFT on external websites.

  • You may use your Monkeyzoo Character's Image and associated traits on products and print work.

  • You may use the Monkeyzoo© Wording and Logo on your Products and Print work.

  • You may deconstruct for usage of displaying trait asset art associated with your owned Monkeyzoo character

  • You may own more than one Monkeyzoo character NFT which enables you to use each Monkeyzoo character you own on your products or prints.

  • If you own more than one Monkeyzoo character NFT you are allowed to mix and match character artwork and traits between your owned characters to make your own hybrid Monkeyzoo character!

  • Add Monkeyzoo products and branding to your existing online shop.

  • Set up your own web store to sell Monkeyzoo products or prints.

What you can't do

  • You can not use a Monkeyzoo characters image and traits unless you own the NFT of the Monkeyzoo character.

  • (for example you are not permitted to use the image or traits from Nurse Monkey unless you own an NFT of Nurse Monkey)

  • You can not mix Monkeyzoo characters and traits unless you own the associated Monkeyzoo character NFT's

  • You can not duplicate and resell the Monkeyzoo images and art as your own new art without 90% or more modifications to the original art.

  • You can not create and display your own invented Characters or Attributes, unless they have been agreed and minted by Monkeyzoo. See the Get designing pages for information on how to add your created attributes.

  • You can not animate or produce video of moving Monkeyzoo characters or branding unless permission is agreed with Monkeyzoo. See terms and conditions.

  • You may not set up a domain name with the single wording of Monkeyzoo. (You may however create a domain name like monkeyzooshoping, shopmonkeyzoo or Cheekymonkey, supermonkey)


Create Clothing?

Create Printed art?

Create a cartoon?

Use Monkeyzoo as your brand?

Add Monkeyzoo products to your store today!

If you are lucky enough to own all Monkeyzoo NFTs you will have free rein over the images you can create and display on your products!

Let your imagination run wild!

Set up your very own Monkeyzoo business!

What will you sell?

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