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Cheeky Monkey

The first of our character NFTs will be Cheeky Monkey, to learn more about why our character NFTs are so special head over to our about page or to see the Cheeky monkey NFTs head over to our monkey NFTs page.


We are currently looking at a November launch date

Please get your applications in before the 11th of November

Total Cheeky Monkey NFTs available = 300

Total Cheeky Monkey NFTs for beta testers and promotions = 50

Total Cheeky Monkey NFTs available for Whitelist sale = 250

Full commercial license ☑

Auto gifts you $MZ daily ☑

The rarer your NFT the more $MZ you receive ☑ 

Upgradable NFT ☑

Start of your metaverse journey ☑

Cheeky Monkey transparenttest.png

If you do not have an XCH address you can find out how to create one on our how to pages

Cheeky Monkey Whitelist application

Thanks for applying to the Cheeky Monkey Whitelist. We'll get back to you before launch day to let you know if you've made the top 250​Good Luck.

Whitelist Terms and Conditions

  1. Fill out the entry form below before November the 11th.

  2. On the 1st of November MonkeyZoo will snap shot your XCH address, to check the quantity of NFT1s you currently hold and look at your total XCH spend on Monkeyzoo NFT1s. (These can both be zero, you will still be added to the list)

  3. If you do not have a Chia $XCH address, you can leave your Name and email address only. (We can guide you on how to get an XCH address)

  4. You will then be placed on the Cheeky Monkey whitelist.

  5. We will use the data collected to determine your ranked position on the whitelist.

  6. A week before our launch we will contact you to let you know if you have been successfully added to the whitelist or added to the reserve list.

  7. The top 50 ranked positions on the whitelist will then be offered the top 50 ranked Cheeky Monkey NFTs, the other 200 will be randomly offered the remaining 200 NFTs. (Higher ranked = more daily $MZ gifts)

  8. On launch day you will be emailed an offer file for your Cheeky Monkey NFT that will cost 2 $XCH. (This is a one time promotional offer as future drops will vary in price depending on rarity)

  9. You then have 1 week to accept the offer before it is retracted and offered to the reserve list.

  • MonkeyZoo has the rights to withdraw any suspicious or suspected duplicate entries.

  • MonkeyZoo will decide and issue the rarity ranked order of the whitelisted NFTs.

  • MonkeyZoo's decisions are final.

If you wish to resubmit your entry at any point, message us and we will help you out.

Keep up to date with information about the MonkeyZoo project and our future NFT drops, follow us on Twitter and Discord.

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